Storify: Money & Energy Saving Tips

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There are many things you can do around your home which will help reduce energy use and save money, many of which can be achieved with little or no expenditure at all.



  • Turn your room thermostat down by 1°C and save around 10% on your heating costs without any significant difference in comfort level. The recommended temperature for a living room is 21°C;
  • Drawing your curtains and blinds at dusk helps to keep heat generated in the room. Remember not to cover your radiators if possible – tuck your curtains behind your radiators if possible;
  • Do not put furniture directly in front of radiators as it stops the radiator doing its job;
  • If you have electric storage heaters, remember to close the damper or lower output dial before you go to bed or if you go out during the day;
  • Put up heavy curtains or line curtains with thermal linings to reduce heat loss through your windows; or over open-plan sitting room/staircase layouts;
  • You can eliminate or reduce external drafts by applying an easy to fit brush or seal on your exterior doors. However, you must remember that ventilation is important especially if you have open fires, gas fires or a boiler with a flue;
  • Reduce draughts from letterboxes and keyholes but installing cost-effective covers;
  • You can reduce heat loss in your home by using draft excluders at the base of your doors;
  • If you have an open plan living room area, consider shutting areas off by installing heavy curtains. For example, the heat lost up an open staircase can be greatly reduced by this simple measure;